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Singida News 2022 (German) "We have a success to report! A few days ago, the Salzburg regional government pledged funding for a girls' dormitory at the secondary school in Mwasauya in the Singida region. This is an additional project to the regional cooperation Salzburg - Singida and is particularly close to our hearts, because it further strengthens the promotion of girls." reports Dieter Rachbauer in the Singida News 2022. Furthermore you can find a travel report and news from the Upendo Home here: Singida News 2022 (German) You are welcome to order printed copies for distribution from us:

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7 days in Singida

From visiting the Regional Commissioner and the Mayor of Singida to the Maasai private school and the street children's home (Upendo Home) to health stations and the women of the chicken breeding project. This and so much more was the board trip in August 2022 with our chairwoman Martina Berthold and board members Anna Schiester and Johanna Schnellinger. Together with the team of Salzburg-Singida and the Tanzanian partner organization CIP (Community Initiative Promotion), we visited the projects in the Singida region. During the trip we talked with participants, visited Upendo Home, and political relations were deepened. It was an intensive [...]

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Improving access to education for girls

In Tanzania, it is particularly difficult for girls to complete high school. 97% of children in Tanzania attend elementary school, and nearly 80 percent complete it. In secondary school, however, the gap between boys and girls widens and fewer girls pass the final exams. There are many reasons for this: Culturally and religiously influenced the image of the role of women and girls. Especially in poor households and households with many children, boys are given more support for their education. Girls have to help in the household and there is less time for learning. Early pregnancies and marriage: In Tanzania, [...]

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Sign language training for parents at Tumaini school

Have you heard about Tumaini School in the Singida region of Tanzania? The Tumaini School is a state school for the deaf and currently teaches 84 children, 50 boys, and 34 girls. Since 2004 Salzburg-Singida supports the Tumaini School. Recently there was sign language training for parents. Many parents of deaf children do not know sign language and have limited ability to communicate with their children. Salzburg - Singida is again sponsoring courses for the parents. They learn to read sign language and express basic and everyday information. At the end of the training, participants receive a certificate and a [...]

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Upendo Home Report 2021

Curious about what's going on at the Upendo Home? The Upendo Home was established in 2008 and has accompanied many children during this time. Now 43 children are supported by the Upendo Home and recently the first student graduated from university. Mariam was the first student of Upendo Home to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in education. In 2009, she came to Upendo Home after she fled to the streets as her mother could no longer take care of her. At Upendo Home, she started elementary school and showed a lot of interest in her classes. She stood out with [...]

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Meet three girls living at Upendo Home

The photo is a snapshot of three of our girls at Upendo Home: Anna (10), Chiku (14) and Muzna (10). All three are wearing sweaters made in the knitting workshop by the older girls. Anna's red-white-red sweater has similarities with the Austrian flag and can't be a coincidence. Chiku is too small for her age, a result of neglect and malnutrition as a little girl. Her mother died, her father remarried, but the stepmother showed no interest in the girl and did not care for her either. So, Chico ended up on the streets and came to Upendo Home in [...]

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New Team Member in Salzburg

Luzia Amon is the new member of our team. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands in the summer of 2021 and gained experience in project work in a human rights organization in the Philippines and at EZA Fairer Handel in Köstendorf during an internship. "My family has close contact with Uganda and thus I have been interested in Africa, a particularly colorful and diverse continent, since childhood. Especially formative were the trips to and through Uganda, which made me realize how much the standard of living in other regions of this [...]

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New Social Worker at Upendo Home

Jackson is the new social worker at Upendo Home. He holds a bachelor of arts in sociology and social work from Mwenge Catholic University, Kilimanjaro Region (2017-2020). In 2018, he worked as a field volunteer at Moshi District Court in the Community Service and Probation Service. Prior to coming to Upendo Home, he also volunteered at Singida Municipality Council in the Social Welfare Department. "My name is Jackson Joseph Kivuyo (26 years old). I am very happy to work as a social worker at Upendo Home. It has been my dream to serve and support children facing different challenges especially [...]

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Singida News

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