With the construction of a girls’ dormitory, the regional cooperation wants to increase the chance that girls in Singida attend a higher school. The state of Salzburg is supporting the construction of a dormitory for schoolgirls with 100.000€, enabling them to attend school. The remaining funds must be financed through donations. Donate now

“It is more likely that a girl [in Tanzania] will be married off before she turns 18 than that she will go to secondary school. Girls are more likely than boys to have to cook, clean, fetch water or collect firewood at home. There is less time for learning and none for longer journeys to school,” says program manager Andrea Rainer, describing the problems.

The construction of a girls’ dormitory at a secondary school in the partner region will provide 80 girls with a place to live. In addition, 50 more girls from particularly poor households will be supported through scholarships with, for example, books and a school uniform.

“Education for girls is the key to a self-determined life. […] They are healthier, have better prospects for a secure income and for society it leads to more democracy. The dormitory and 50 scholarships invest on the spot, where it works best”, says Landesrätin Andrea Klambauer.

You can find the press release from Land Salzburg here.