Salzburg-Singida, Sister Cities and Regional Cooperation

A twinning arrangement has existed between the cities of Salzburg and Singida in the East African country of Tanzania since 1984. The expansion to the state level ten years later led to the establishment of the regional cooperation and thus to Salzburg – Singida, Sister Cities and Regional Cooperation.

For many years, the partnership cooperation has focused on infrastructure projects in the fields of health and education. Numerous school classes, teachers’ offices, teachers’ quarters, rainwater tanks, toilets and health stations and a home for street children have been built. Reforestation, garbage collection points, a large-scale water project together with the European Union (2003) and a bus station with numerous small stores (2009) are other successful projects.

In recent years, the focus has shifted away from infrastructure to direct support for people. Specialist knowledge is imparted in various training courses, and education and further training are supported. Through projects to improve the quality of life, which are increasingly aimed at girls and women, framework conditions are created that open up new perspectives. Infrastructure continues to be an issue and all measures are aligned with the country’s regional and national development strategies in order to contribute to sustainable change in people’s quality of life.

“A city & regional partnership refers to two cities, municipalities or regions with the aim of cultural and economic exchange. International partnerships are also used to exchange experts in the spirit of local Agenda 21 and are seen as a platform to support democratization in states where the rule of law and freedom are not yet considered to have been achieved (“municipal foreign policy”).”