Upendo Home annual report 2023

Annual report 2023 (in German) The Upendo Home has set itself 3 goals: to catch - infrastructure and framework conditions Strengthening - education & training Giving perspective - Independence To catch: This is about securing the basic needs of the children. The Upendo Home offers a safe place (physically and emotionally) and a home. This is achieved by a competent team that attends annual training courses and works according to the educational concept developed by the team in Salzburg and Singida. The maintenance of the facilities is also important. There is plenty of space for the children to play and [...]

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Project Evaluation

Since the fall, the staff in Singida, Afesso and Violet have been collecting information and feedback on the projects from 270 residents from the focus villages. At the beginning of February, program manager Andrea, consultant Dieter and psychotherapist and supervisor Bettina were on site for three weeks, leading discussions with women's groups, residents, community health workers (who support the population in the area of health), teachers and nurses from the villages. The aim of the discussions is to find out what is particularly important to the residents, what can be improved and what has worked well. The results are incorporated [...]

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Learning Trip for Students of Tumaini School of the Deaf

96 children and 8 teachers are at the Tumaini School for deaf children. Together they went on an excursion on August 18 and visited the weather center in Singida, the Maasai school and had a picnic at Lake Singida. The teachers reported many happy faces and a fun day for the children. This trip is very special for the children.  

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Pius meets his sister after 10 years

We have received great news from Upendo Home. Afesso, the director of Upendo Home reports: "After trying to trace his family for the past ten years in vain, eventually we were able to reach Pius’ family and reunite him with his sister who came along from Dar es Salaam. Indeed it was an exciting and joyful moment for Pius, his family, staff and children at Upendo home as it was our wish and desire to see Pius get in touch with his family. This is a miracle!"

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On the traces of our association history

The cooperation between Salzburg and Singida in Tanzania has existed for almost 40 years. In March of this year we met with Ilse Hanak. In 1983 she was commissioned by local councillor Franz Klingspiegel to select a city in Africa to establish a sisterhood. She was the first person from Salzburg to visit Singida and reports: I traveled to Singida in 1983. [...] I went there by local bus from Dar es Salaam via Babati and arrived on August 5, 1983 at 18:45 at sunset as the first person from Salzburg in the city. [...] I immediately started discussions with [...]

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Girls Empowerment

Fatima attends secondary school in Mwasauya, Sinigda, Tanzania with other young girls and boys. She gets up every morning at 5 a.m., does simple household chores, and eats a small breakfast. Then she sets off for school - it takes her an hour. As a girl in Tanzania, Fatima would be more likely to be married off before the age of 18 than to attend secondary school. Tanzania has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world at 37%. Every year, up to 8,000 girls in Tanzania drop out of school due to early marriage or pregnancy. However, [...]

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Upendo Home Annual Report 2022

Annual Report Upendo Home 2022 (in German) The Upendo Home was founded in 2008 and is currently home to 27 children and young people aged 9 to 23. Furthermore, 15 youths and young adults are supported in financing an education or training or in starting a career. The Upendo home has three goals: CATCHING: providing a safe place (physically and emotionally) STRENGTHEN: to train and develop skills GIVE PERSPECTIVE: Provide psychological support and hope. You can find out how these goals are being worked on in our annual report (in German). Enjoy browsing and reading through it!

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Bachelor degree for Naomi

To start the new year, we have nice news from Singida and the Upendo Home. At the end of last year, Naomi graduated as the second student from Upendo Home. We are very proud of her and wish her all the best for the future! The director of Upendo Home, Afesso, tells us a little more about Naomi: We are all proud of Naomi for being our second girl from UH to reach university level. When Naomi was a young girl, her parents separate after many fights, and Naomi was left to live with her alcoholic father who was not [...]

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Fireside chat and visit of the ambassador

There was a lot going on on November 9. In the evening, the much-heralded fireside chat took place. Together with the guests, many long-time supporters of Salzburg-Singida, and some new faces, we spent a nice evening at Gasthof Maria Plain. We reported about our projects in Singida - first of all about the girls' dormitory - and told about our Signida trip in August 2022. Afterward, there was time for a cozy get-together and exchange. In addition to many esteemed guests, the new Tanzanian ambassador in Vienna, Celestine Joseph Mushy, visited us in Salzburg for the first time. To strengthen the [...]

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100.000€ from the promotion of girls in Singida

With the construction of a girls' dormitory, the regional cooperation wants to increase the chance that girls in Singida attend a higher school. The state of Salzburg is supporting the construction of a dormitory for schoolgirls with 100.000€, enabling them to attend school. The remaining funds must be financed through donations. Donate now "It is more likely that a girl [in Tanzania] will be married off before she turns 18 than that she will go to secondary school. Girls are more likely than boys to have to cook, clean, fetch water or collect firewood at home. There is less time [...]

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