Annual report 2023 (in German)

The Upendo Home has set itself 3 goals:

  • to catch – infrastructure and framework conditions
  • Strengthening – education & training
  • Giving perspective – Independence

To catch: This is about securing the basic needs of the children. The Upendo Home offers a safe place (physically and emotionally) and a home. This is achieved by a competent team that attends annual training courses and works according to the educational concept developed by the team in Salzburg and Singida. The maintenance of the facilities is also important. There is plenty of space for the children to play and a large garden where vegetables are planted during the rainy season.

Strengthening: In order to prepare the children for an independent life, Upendo Home attaches great importance to a sound and good education for the children. Depending on their individual abilities and talents, the children are supported in completing an apprenticeship or going to college and university. There are currently 6 young people at college and university.

In order to promote the handicraft skills of all children, the Upendo Home has well-equipped workshops where the children can decide whether they want to attend the carpentry, welding, tailoring, knitting or art classes each week. Other talents (sport, theater, music, …) are encouraged in free time and through “clubs”.

Giving perspective: Independence and personal development are encouraged by the community at the home. The children take on responsibility by helping with the day-to-day routines of the home (washing clothes, helping in the garden, etc.) and learn social skills (constructive resolutions of conflicts with other children).

As the children grow into young adults, they are supported in their transition to an independent life. During their job search and career entry, they continue to be supported by the Upendo Home according to their individual needs. Some of them return to their (extended) family and are accompanied in this process by the social worker.

You can find out how work was carried out in these three areas in the annual report 2023 (in German).