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Singida-Salzburg Spenden

People with ♥ Join in!

A private sponsorship of only 58 Euro per month covers the basic care including education of a child.

A private sponsorship of only 45 Euro per month covers the health care of a child.

A one-time donation increases the quality of life of one or more people in Singida.

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Companies with ♥ Join in!

A corporate sponsorship makes a significant contribution to change.

Choose your amount and become a company with a heart.

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Our ♥ companies are:

Long-term partnerships

A basic funding of the city and the province of Salzburg for over 30 years have laid the foundation of the association.

Together with our private supporters, who make a significant contribution ranging from one-time donations to long-term sponsorships, a cooperation between two far apart cities and regions was able to develop.

Behind the numbers are people who still find development policy work desirable and important.

Every contribution counts!

Our bank account:
HYPO Salzburg
Verein Städtepartnerschaft Salzburg-Singida
IBAN: AT98 5500 0150 0002 4235

Donation receipt for charitable institutions of emergency (aid) and development aid § 4a Abs. 2 Z. 3 lit. A bis c EStG