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Singida-Salzburg Spenden

Your donation matters ♥ Join in and help us!

Private donations

Your donations gives a children on the edge of society a safe and warm home, education and supports a good start into a better life.

Choose your donation!

Food, shelter and care, health, clothes and education for one child Euro 700 annually.

University costs including tuition fee and accommodation for one child Euro 400.

Education costs including tuition fee, school uniform, sport equipment, school books for one child Euro 200.

Food for one child one year Euro 200,

and… any other amount that matters for you is welcome!

Support our work for children and young adults in Tansania for a better future!

IBAN: AT98 5500 0150 0002 4235


Company Sponsorship ♥ Join in and help us!

A corporate sponsorship makes a significant contribution for a worthwhile future.

Contribute children and young adults in Tansania!

Your donation helps to prepare the way forward into a sustainable future.

Our ♥ companies are:


Together we make a difference!

The Region and City of Salzburg are donors since more than 30 years. Together with our companies and private donors these two regions developed and changed. The people behind stand up for development work and global solidarity. ASANTE SANA! – THANK YOU!

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HYPO Salzburg
Verein Städtepartnerschaft Salzburg-Singida
IBAN: AT98 5500 0150 0002 4235

Donation receipt for charitable institutions of emergency (aid) and development aid § 4a Abs. 2 Z. 3 lit. A bis c EStG