To start the new year, we have nice news from Singida and the Upendo Home.
At the end of last year, Naomi graduated as the second student from Upendo Home. We are very proud of her and wish her all the best for the future!

The director of Upendo Home, Afesso, tells us a little more about Naomi:

We are all proud of Naomi for being our second girl from UH to reach university level.

When Naomi was a young girl, her parents separate after many fights, and Naomi was left to live with her alcoholic father who was not able to take care of her. After separation, the mother left and got married in a neighboring country Burundi and lost contact with the family, and the five children were left with their father who also married another woman. After their father failed to take care of the children due to his alcoholic behavior, Naomi and her young sister were rescued by a relative who took them to Malezi orphanage center.

After the center closed, Naomi was transferred to Upendo home in 2017. At Upendo home Naomi continued to do very well in school where she passed primary school examination and joined ordinary secondary school where she also passed and joined high school. After finishing high school, she was selected to join the University of Dodoma for a bachelor`s degree in Adult Education and Community Development, where she completed her studies in May and had her graduation at the end of November 2022. Soon after completing her studies, Naomi was one of the few youths lucky to get temporary employment as a numerator during the national census in August 2022. She planned to use the amount she got from the census to start a small business. However, she used it to pay tuition fees for her younger sister who graduated from ordinary secondary school. As her family was not able to pay for the education of her younger sister.

Now she is planning to volunteer in a government or private secondary school as a teacher as she waits for official employment from the government. Meanwhile Upendo Home is also working to find employment opportunities for Naomi in schools in Singida Municipal Council.