The cooperation between Salzburg and Singida in Tanzania has existed for almost 40 years. In March of this year we met with Ilse Hanak. In 1983 she was commissioned by local councillor Franz Klingspiegel to select a city in Africa to establish a sisterhood. She was the first person from Salzburg to visit Singida and reports:

I traveled to Singida in 1983. […] I went there by local bus from Dar es Salaam via Babati and arrived on August 5, 1983 at 18:45 at sunset as the first person from Salzburg in the city. […] I immediately started discussions with the Town Economist Mr. Kiyvera, the Town Director Mr. Lipendele and also the Director of the Higher School Mr. Swai.
Immediately, various requests from the town and surrounding communities were brought to me, especially mechanical flour mills and establishment of health centers, which I of course reported to Salzburg.

At the same time, a town twinning was established with León in Nicaragua. A joint association was founded with León in 1985, before Salzburg-Singida became a separate association in 2002. Paul Priker (in the picture) was present at the foundation of the association and chairman of the Salzburg-León town twinning.

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