Have you heard about Tumaini School in the Singida region of Tanzania?

The Tumaini School is a state school for the deaf and currently teaches 84 children, 50 boys, and 34 girls. Since 2004 Salzburg-Singida supports the Tumaini School. Recently there was sign language training for parents.

Many parents of deaf children do not know sign language and have limited ability to communicate with their children. Salzburg – Singida is again sponsoring courses for the parents. They learn to read sign language and express basic and everyday information. At the end of the training, participants receive a certificate and a sign language booklet and DVD to take home.

This year, the Commissioner of Special Education and the Commissioner of Education of the district attended and spoke about the importance of the training and the great support from CIP/ Salzburg-Singida. Taarifa Africa TV covered the event (in Kiswahili) and spoke with our colleague Afesso in Singida.