Curious about what’s going on at the Upendo Home?

The Upendo Home was established in 2008 and has accompanied many children during this time. Now 43 children are supported by the Upendo Home and recently the first student graduated from university.

Mariam was the first student of Upendo Home to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in education. In 2009, she came to Upendo Home after she fled to the streets as her mother could no longer take care of her. At Upendo Home, she started elementary school and showed a lot of interest in her classes. She stood out with her friendly, humble, and hardworking nature and was able to make friends quickly.

Today she works at the university in Dar es Salaam, the university she graduated from, and supports students with special needs.

Mariam is a role model for the children at Upendo Home – especially for the girls. She shows that regardless of one’s background it is possible to achieve one’s dreams.

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