Jackson is the new social worker at Upendo Home. He holds a bachelor of arts in sociology and social work from Mwenge Catholic University, Kilimanjaro Region (2017-2020). In 2018, he worked as a field volunteer at Moshi District Court in the Community Service and Probation Service. Prior to coming to Upendo Home, he also volunteered at Singida Municipality Council in the Social Welfare Department.

“My name is Jackson Joseph Kivuyo (26 years old). I am very happy to work as a social worker at Upendo Home. It has been my dream to serve and support children facing different challenges especially most vulnerable children. Upendo Home has made my dream come true! I thank God because I have experienced active and close support from UH staff and children. Children received me well, they listen to me, and we work together to tackle their general and individual challenges. I see results in what I do with the children and that motivates me to work hard and think more about the children. I like nice and quiet surrounding at Upendo Home!

I am looking forward to supporting each child reach his or her dream by encouraging them to work hard at school and also improve their talents through talents clubs at Upendo home; make sure children get basic needs, make children happy and proud to live at Upendo Home, establish strong relationship between children and their family members, and devote time to help children with critical challenges.”

Thank you for your support, Jackson!