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Your donation matters ♥ Join in and help us!

Private donations

Your donation supports the education of girls at secondary schools.

In Tanzania, it is more likely that a girl will be married off before she turns 18 than that she will go to secondary school. With our scholarship program, we support talented female students from low-income families. For this, we need your support.

120 € per school year are necessary to cover the costs of school attendance. Your donation will help provide school uniforms, books and a bike for transportation or a mattress for the girls hostel at school. You can cover the costs of an annual scholarship or parts of it: Annual scholarship €120 (one-off or €10 per month), school uniform €50, school books €20, exercise books and pens €10 or amount of your choice.

Support the girls in Singida now! Every contribution helps.

Account: Salzburg – Singida
IBAN: AT90 1953 0100 0004 7087
Password: Girls

Receive a Certificate

You would like to give your donation as a Christmas or birthday present to someone?
Send us an e-mail with your and the persons name and you will receive a certificate from us.

Donation deductibility in Austria

Since 2017, all donations are reported directly by us to the tax office in Austria and your donation is automatically tax deductible (in Austria). In order to be able to report the donation, we need (a) your name according to the population register and (b) your date of birth. You can provide the data when making the transfer or simply send us an e-mail.

Municipality and Company Sponsorship ♥ Join in and help us!

A municipality or corporate sponsorship makes a significant contribution for a worthwhile future.

Help children and young adults in Tansania!

Your donation helps to prepare the way forward into a sustainable future.

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Together we make a difference!

The Region and City of Salzburg are donors since more than 30 years. Together with our companies and private donors these two regions developed and changed. The people behind stand up for development work and global solidarity. ASANTE SANA! – THANK YOU!

Salzburg – Singida,
Städtepartnerschaft & Regionalkooperation
IBAN: AT90 1953 0100 0004 7087

Donation receipt for charitable institutions of emergency (aid) and development aid § 4a Abs. 2 Z. 3 lit. A bis c EStG